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Wellness takes many forms, and every action counts! Join us in celebrating those who are prioritizing wellness for themselves and their teams.

Like throwing a stone in a still pond, wellness can have a ripple effect. When one person prioritizes their wellness, and it spreads throughout the whole team. Wellness in Action seeks to recognize the rock that starts it all.

Below you will find exceptional examples of those who have worked to concentrate on their wellness while bettering the well-being of their teams. Included in this highlight are wellness seed grant recipients, walking-group connoisseurs, department wellness committees, and more. With efforts such as theirs, we all continue to spread the culture of wellness across our campus, health care system, and community. 

Share Your Wellness Culture Stories
Are there exciting wellness initiatives taking hold in your corner of the U? Share your story with us in a short video! You may even be featured here for other U of U teams to see!
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