Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are a fun and engaging way to increase team unity while working on wellness initiatives together. Join one of our quarterly, university-wide challenges, or create a challenge in the app for you and your team. All challenges start with movement-tracking steps on a mapped route. University-wide challenges may also assign points to tracking other areas of wellness.

Both WellU and WellnessNOW programs give credit for participation in university-wide challenges!

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University-Wide Wellness Challenges

In these walking challenges individuals work to meet the daily step goal in an effort to travel the distance of the featured map by the end of the challenge. Challenges are 6-8 weeks in duration, so be sure to join each quarter! Our university-wide wellness challenges will often assign points to various other actions, such as tracking nutrition, water, mood, sleep, heart rate, or meditation minutes, in addition to activity.

Departmental Wellness Challenges

The Walker Tracker app gives users the ability to create their own wellness challenges and then invite other app users to join. Start by clicking on the challenges tab, then the 'create a challenge' button. You can name you challenge, make it a team or individual challenge, and shop around the different maps/venues for your walking route. These challenges will only track activity (steps), but you can encourage your department/office mates to track nutrition, water, mood, sleep, heart rate, meditation minutes, or weight, as well. These metrics will remain private to the user, but could be shared for a departmental wellness challenge.

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