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Smoking has long been shown to have severe health implications, including lung cancer. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is also becoming apparent that smoking may increase the severity of Covid-19 complications. In response to the current atmosphere it is truly a perfect time to quit. In addition, choosing to quit smoking now may:

  • Save money in a time when resources are scarce and may be for awhile
  • Protect your family
  • Improve your own health so that you’re stronger in fighting off Covid-19 (smokers are at greater risk) and decrease severity if you do get it

This page is meant to compile cessation resources in one place. For University of Utah employees, tobacco cessation programming, services, and products are covered by the employee health plan through Regence.

Covered Smoking Cessation Services              Covered Smoking Cessation Products        Regence Empower Program


Utah Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program provides free tobacco cessation resources for all residents of Utah, regardless of insurance.

Visit to explore specific recommendations for veterans, women, teens, Spanish speaking, and people over 60 years old. This site also walks through the process of building a quit plan and showcases robust apps for quitting.

Smoke Free              Build Your Quit Plan        Smoke Free Apps

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to speak with a professional. They can help to set up an appointment with a Primary Care Physician, assist in filling any prescribed medications, and help with text messaging support!