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Gardens Volunteering Challenge

In collaboration with the Sustainability Office, we are excited to announce the Gardens Volunteering WellU Challenge. Over the Summer, you and/or your team are encouraged to volunteer with the Edible Campus Gardens program. Not only will your time be spent working up a sweat, enjoying mindful moments amongst nature, fostering a fun team atmosphere, but you will also be contributing to growth of fresh produce for the university pantry system!

Volunteer shift options are posted on the Sustainability Office Instagram regularly throughout the season. No prior registration is required- feel free to attend any shifts listed for the week. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!

To earn WellU credit, we would ask that you volunteer at least an hour 3 times, or one 3-hour block per fiscal year. This year’s opportunity will be between May 1-August 31. This means that you could accomplish a WellU credit for this current year AND next fiscal year if you complete 3 hours between May 1 and June 29 and another 3 hours between July 1 and August 31. You will want to arrange for all volunteer sessions to occur before July 1st to count for the next fiscal year.  The Sustainability Office will track your participation and report successful challenge participation for you!

To learn more about the gardens and for volunteer contact information, click here: