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Fiber Challenge


Fiber, specifically getting enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day, is important for gut health, heart health, and blood sugar stability. In addition, aiming to get a variety of colors from our food ensures we are getting a variety of nutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols!

This challenge could include any/all of the following:

  • Have at least 3 different colored fruits or vegetables at least 5 days a week. EXAMPLE: eating spinach with your omelet (green), a banana and peanut butter for a snack (yellow), and having red bell pepper (red) with dinner would count as getting 3 different colors in throughout the day
  • Add a fruit or vegetable to your breakfast or snack every day!
  • For an added bonus, keep and food/mood journal and log how you feel (energy, satiety etc) after added fruits and veg to your meals!

Employees can track on a shared Excel file, in TEAMs, or individually. Report “successful” participation to challenge manager. You can also take pictures of your successful fruit and vegetable additions and log these in a document!