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WHAT IS a Wellness Week?

Wellness Weeks are designed to be promoted within a department, office or work group by a wellness ambassador or manager. Each Wellness Week concept is aimed toward promoting wellness and self-care in a fun, approachable, and bite-sized way. Concepts are outlined on a card and is meant to encourage employees to engage in self-care. 

To add a second layer to Wellness Weeks, you may consider incentivizing participation. This shouldn’t be to incentivise "winning", but should feel like a token of appreciation or an extra pat on the back. 

Lastly, you may consider gathering photographic "evidence" of participation. This is a great way to connect employees as individuals and will add another layer to the Wellness Week. You may consider creating weekly or monthly updates with the fun photos submitted.

Ideas for Incentivizing and gathering photos:

Incentivising participation is just one more way to say "Thank you. You are appreciated!" The idea is to add another layer to the Wellness Weeks theme. Here are ideas arranged by Wellness Week topic: 

  • Mindfulness 
    • Gratitude or meditation journal 
    • Puzzles (think easy and relaxing) 
  • Nature Walk 
    • Trail mix 
    • Bird feeder craft supplies (pine cone, string, peanut butter or lard, bird seed) 
    • Bird house craft supplies ( 
    • Ice cream ingredients 
  • Healthy Hydration 
    • Infuser water bottle 
    • Fruit, veggies, herbs for infusing 
  • Sleep Wellness 
    • Chamomile tea, or other herbal varieties 
    • Lavender candle

As for photographic evidence, pictures could be printed and displayed in common-use spaces, or they could be compiled and shared digitally. This level of Wellness Weeks really helps to bring employees closer together and connect on a whole new level.

Have more Wellness Weeks ideas? Questions? Please reach out-we'd love to hear from you!

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